In your bag No: 606, Lukas Kreusch
Todays bag shot is missing the bag. but that doesn’t matter really as this is a beautiful setup, and I can see myself using it.

Hey folks!

My name is Lukas Kreusch, I am 19 and currently living in the far east of Germany where I was born too. I came to photography a few years ago because of my other hobbies which I wanted to capture well. So I bought a lil Olympus e-420 (which I don’t shoot anymore but it’s still running!) I had like no pocket money back then (and today too…) but I wanted more lenses so I took some old glass I found on flea markets and adapted them to my Olympus. Almost every lens I got my Hands on, I got from flea markets or the Bay. And I had and have absolutely no problem with not owning a brand new lens. One thing came to another and I had about 12 lenses but no analog body to mount them on, just my Olympus with a crop factor of 2. I thought “how would these lenses behave on a 35mm camera?” , so I bought a Zenit and soon after I got my first bag of 36 prints back. You know what? I was totally AMAZED! Since then many lenses and cameras went through my hands and many many more meters of film. And now I am at exact this point:

The Praktica (the very first model, 1952)

The body is like an old Rangefinder but with a waist level finder and no return mirror, it flips down when you wind the camera, very spartanic. Just got it , and the Biotar T 58 from the same year ,serviced. I have it mostly for BW.

Then there is my trusty Olympus 35RC

This is my favorite Camera when it comes to colour photography. I shoot Portra and old AGFA stock with it. It never fails on me. The top half of the leather case is not shown. I have it with me when I’m traveling or I don’t want to carry the hefty Praktica.

Jupiter-9 85mm f2

I don’t have this lens for that long. I got it pretty cheap, mounted on an old Russian night vision. I had the same model again some time ago but it was much worse than this copy. The lens barrel wobbles a bit though.

The light meter is a normal selenium light meter I got with my first analog camera, I haven’t found a more accurate one till now!

My actual bag is not shown here. (because it’s not spectacular ;)) It’s a simple Tamrac Explorer 2.

I mostly shoot whatever gets in front of me but I like portraits the most. Therefore the 58mm Biotar is perfect fitting for my needs. I develop BW films by myself and print them on 5×7 Fomaspeed paper.

Hope you enjoyed my stuff and I wish you all some good light! 

Greeting from Germany!
Thats it! :D

I just have a deviantart account (but there is other stuff besides photography)

And a little web gallery here:

Thank you and keep up the great work you are doing!

Thanks for sharing this setup with us Lukas. A very nice little setup that you have there.
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