In your bag No: 554, Jerel Limayo
Todays bag is super basic, the very barest of essentials when shooting the street in the Philippines. And that umbrella is essential for sure. Check out this purist bag.

I’m Jerel Limayo from The Philippines. I’m an experimental artist and music composer.

My photography style is abstract and surreal.
When I roam the streets the camera I carry around is my Nikon FM10.
For color film photography I use EUROCOLOR and SOLID GOLD.
As for my black-and-white film photography, I use KODAK TRI-X because of it’s lovely grain and gritty feel.
I got this bag last Christmas from my aunt. I always bring with me a pen and a paper block for taking notes.
An umbrella is a must because you’ll never know when it’s gonna rain or have a chance to meet the scorching sun.

Here are the links to my…
Color film photography
Black-and-white film photography

Cheers and more power!

Thank for sharing your bag with us Jerel. Nice to see something so simple and effective. That umbrella is very important too, I know how it gets there.
Check out the links and make sure you come and comment.

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