In your bag No: 1265, Dimitri Samaridis
Dimitri likes to keep it simple, and I mean really simple. No bag, barely anything in fact. Just a camera, film and some clothes (can’t wander around naked, I guess) and that is just about it. I wish it could always be this simple.
Check it out.

My name is Dimitri Samaridis, a 50 year old Landscape Architect from Vancouver, Canada.
Born and raised in Greece, I was introduced at age 16 to B+W processing and printing by a friend of my father’s. By the time I got my first camera (a Canon AT-1) at age 18, I already was a pretty decent printer.
That camera was traded in a few years later for a Nikon FM2, which is still with me today, though not much in use anymore (due a total lack of lenses for it currently). Along the way I also acquired a couple of Nikon F bodies, with a 50mm, 28mm and 85mm focal lengths. Most of that stuff, except for the FM2, was sold when I bought the Leica in 2000. This is the last camera I will own, although I must admit that the new Leica M-A in black is pretty tempting.

I shoot exclusively in B+W with Tri-X, developed in D-76 and printed on Ilford MultiGrade Warmtone.
Over the years I’ve tried other film/developer/paper combinations, but I get the best texture, tonal range and contrast with this one.

I never shot digital, not because I have anything against the medium, but because the process of analog photography-shooting, processing and printing-is for me a meditative activity that engages all the senses and I can’t imagine getting the same satisfaction from the digital process. Also, I can’t see how I can divest myself from my past.

As you can see I’m not a bag person, although I do own one, which I use mostly for traveling. I just don’t find it comfortable shooting with one hanging from my shoulder. I’m not an equipment junkie and the things I carry fit comfortably in my pockets. So for the past 15 years my equipment for a day’s shoot consists of the Leica M6, the Summicron 50mm, the Elmarit 28mm (my favourite focal lengths) and a couple of rolls of Tri-X. As much as I liked the old Nikons, the Leica is an absolute joy to work with, the perfect combination of simplicity, reliability, unobtrusiveness and tactile feel.
Well, that’s it. If you wish you can see some photos here:

Thank you for having me and happy trails.


Thanks for sharing your gear with us, Dimitri. I love the ease of this. If I could wqnder around like this I would be so happy.
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