In your bag No: 548, Eric Genevrier
What a bag. This is for all those who love a bit of 4×5 goodness. Nothing f¥digital about this, just good old fashioned photographic technique. Check it out.

My name is Eric. I’m currently living in Paris, working as a freelance photographer and teaching photography.

In my bag (I try to keep it the lightest possible…but it’s not so easy with 4×5 gear!) :

-Wista 45 DX

-Fuji 150mm f/5,6

-10 Fidelity Elite film older (loaded with Foma 100)

-Sirui tripod + FLM centerball 32FB head

-iPhone 4 as lightmeter

I mainly shoot landscape. But I definitively want to make more portraits in my next projects.

You can browse some of my works here:

Thanks !


Thanks for sharing this with us Eric. I love it. I am pretty much convinced that my next step is a 4×5 camera.
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