In your bag 487, Mattias Westfalk
Mattias shares with us his super medium format bag all the way from….Japan! It is about time we had another bag from Japan and Mattias brings us something for the purists.

How you doing? I like the “In your bag” theme, always fun to see what other photographers haul around. So I attached an image of my Lowepro Hasselblad bag. I like to keep it as simple as possible, portable and light. I carry and shoot DSLR as well obviously but this one is more interesting I think. I shoot medium format 6×6 (have also a 6×7 Mamiya RZ67 Pro II, my white elephant!) to keep in touch with the roots of film photography, it helps me to become more focused and to see and think in a more broad spectrum…and it’s fun, isn’t it!

Hasselblad 503CX with A-12 filmback and PME3 prismfinder
80 T f/2.8 with UV filter
67mm Orange & Circular polarizer
Spare A-12 filmback (one with color the other B/W)
+/- screwdriver kit (for repair on the run…it happened)
Cable release
Minolta Auto meter IV F
Filmcase with usually FujiFilm Velvia, Across and Kodak TriX
Pen & Notepad
Bag – Lowepro Event Messenger 150

I have been living in Tokyo since 1999 and been shooting professionally since 2000. Had a studio for a couple of years but my thing is street, documentary and travel stuff so I work more efficiently from home or on the road, way better. Took a step back from the industry in 2009 to chase after other goals and to shoot more private themes and topics, but still shoot assignments and what not when asked to. Makes me a semi-pro / Serious amateur??? Who cares…LOL!

Couple of links I am involved with : (photo diary) (B/W project)

One Roll of Film – Trailer – YouTube

120mm Love  (This is a FB group we started for 120mm film photography buffs, geeks…pro’s and amateurs alike)

Best Regards / Stay sharp

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Mattias, it is great to see such a pure bag. You know, I think I may have seen you shooting out and about in Tokyo.
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