In your bag No: 625, Chester Chan
Chester is only 17 and already has a passion for film photography. This is great, the future of film shooters. Come and check it out.

I’m Chester Chan, 17, from a rural town in Michigan. I love street photography, but opportunities for that don’t come by often where I live. I’ve recently started shooting with film, and hope to learn to develop soon! (Though this was shot with my Oly EP-3).

Basically all my gear was given to me from my parents (both the cameras and the bag). I got into film about nine months ago when I came across my father’s Nikon FE2 in the basement. Soon after that, my mother dusted off her Fujica ST605 and Sunpak flash and gave it to me. I’ve been in love with film ever since. The Rilakkuma pencil case holds some expired Superia 100 (My uncle gave me a lot!). Also, I like to keep my very first camera in my bag: a Kodak Tele-Instamatic 608 that I bought at age seven at a garage sale. I distinctly remember bringing it into my second grade class for “show-and-tell” and firing off the flash for my classmates.

I feel like with the FE2, I have all I’ll ever need in a camera and love the 28mm focal length. It surely prevents me from any G.A.S., at least on the film side ;).

Here’s my Flickr.
and Instagram: chesterch

Thank you very much, Bellamy! If I ever want to buy a camera, I will surely contact you! (but I’m very happy with what I have for now:)

Chester Chan

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Chester. It is cool to see more people discovering the joys of film. Keep it up.
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