In your bag No: 1300, Vincent van der Heijden
A superb bag for number 1300. Vincent is a film returnee and has a very enviable camera in his bag. He also one of those Ricoh thingies that has me hiding under the table whenever they come out (not a fan of being in pano pics).  Check it out.

My name is Vincent van der Heijden and I live in the Netherlands. I am not a pro photographer, but somehow I always carry a camera with me. 

After photographing with several digital cameras the past recent years, I regained interest for analog again. The main reason being my Contax G2, which I bought new in 1998. People tend to regard it as an old camera and therefore it doesn’t stand out like a big digital SLR would. That’s nice, but it mainly it is the quality and (imho) the ease of use of this camera. My latest addition is a Biogon 28 mm lens, which completes the holy trinity of Zeiss lenses for the G2. 

So in my bag you’l find (besides a buddha statue and my passport):

-Contax G2

-Zeiss Biogon 28/2.8, Planar 45/2, Sonnar 90/2.8 lenses

-Contax TLA 200 Flash

-Gossen Sixtomat Digital

-Leitz FOOMI ball head

-Manfrotto Mini Tripod

-‘selfie’ stick (for my Ricoh Theta)

-Lastolite reflector

-Ricoh Theta M15

-Samsung Galaxy S5

-AKG K451 headphones

-Spare CR2 batteries

-Kodak T-Max 400

-Adox CMS 20

and a pair of sunglasses. 

I don’t have a website or Facebook, but my Instagram is @vincentvanderheyden

Pretty awesome to see all those camera bags from people who have a heart for analog!

Kind regards,

Vincent van der Heijden

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Vincent. I love the fact that you have still got the Contax from new and it is still being used.

Keep them coming folks, we need more submissions, so get your bag on

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