In your bag No: 1301, Mélanie Elbaz
I received this bag before the terrible events in Paris last week. I do hope that Mélanie is safe and sound. This bag truly shows a total passion for photography, and enviable access to some of the worlds greats musical artists. Check it out.

My name is Mélanie Elbaz , I am french photographer based in Paris & Ibiza in the summer.

I felt in love with my uncle ‘s camera when i was 14 and started shooting friends and family in early 80’s as i was a teenager.
Then I ‘ve done many Workshop in the famous « Ecole Nationale de la Photographie » based in Arles (small town in south of France) and I really enjoyed assisting awesome photographers Eichiro Sakata (japan) Nitin & Max Vadukul (uk) Sarah Moon (FR) Ferdinando Scianna (IT)..
I moved to Paris and started Icart Photo school , then I started working for french and UK magazines as a music photographer , ID magazine gave me the opportunity to shoot famous dj’s .
I’ve shot more than 500 music artists , from Moby to Colplay,Grimes,Black Keys,Jane Birkin & all the « french touch » dj’s.
I am still shooting cover album and do fashion shoot for magazines and commercial.
I still have a passion for films and still doing Polaroid that I keep in a secret box.

I am so happy to use my OLYMPUS A11 it’s a small and discreet camera , i have always with me in my bag .This was a great find i bought in London .

When i bought my Olympus OM2 i could feel the same feeling then when i was a teenager

Its very easy to work with it and ith my Lens 50mn/1.8 i made some beautiful portrait .

The design and feel of the camera is fiting right with my personality.

I bought it only 90 euros at flea market in London Shoreditch.

The LEICA M6 is a present from my father & husband for my 25th birthday .

I love this camera and for my fashion reportage i can get some very beautiful images ,

I LOVE this silencious caméra .

I have to buy a new lens for my M6 !

The polaroid SX70 is still working and sometines its makes strange pictures with scratch or blooming images.

Sometimes my very old polaroid just became colorless & muddy but i still keep it .

Also in my bag you could find

my passeport

my indigo scarf i use dit to wrap my M6

a orange notebook and pencil

keys from my office

an apple to eat

color & bw film Kodak (i love portra 400 and tri X 400)

some contact sheets

my sunglasses

my lipstick

my bandana bag is a gift from my son and i love it

I am working on a book and will love to do an exhibition in Tokyo J

Feel free to visit my website
instagram : melanieelbaz

Thanks i hope you enjoyed my bag and was wondering if am i the first woman photographer you published in your bag !!
Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Mélanie. You are not the first at all, there have been many before you. I hope you are safe and sound. My best wishes to all in Paris.
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