In your bag 409, Anthony Chatburn
Anthony brings us a black and white bag, from a black and white photographer. Come and have a look at this interesting set up.

Hi, my names Anthony Chatburn and im a photographer and visual artist currently finishing of my contemporary arts practices degree in leeds, west yorkshire in the uk. I have work with photography on and off for the past six years and im just now making a full time return to it as the core discipline of my practice.
I rarely work in colour with my work, its not that i dont apprecieate it, i just find a subtle beauty in the art of the monochrome. I work almost exclusivley in monochrome.
The subject matter of my work primarily focuses on the nature of reality and the individuals vision and response to it, how we interact with objects and each other and how we constantly search for reasoning in our lives.
I create my work though the photographic medium, use both analog and digital methods to create my work and various methods of display.
All of my current work is on my flickr and tumblr and my website will be live very shortly. (links below)
This bag shot it my every day walk around shooting kit. Not included in the picture is the foam insert inside this bag that i use, the insert is taken from an old crumpler backpack.

To run down the contents then.

First of is the bag itself, i detest alot of camera bags as they generally are fuck ugly and make it bleedin’ obvious you have a camera!

i prefer to keep discreet as i do most of my shooting outdoors in the city. the bag is a paul smith jeans leather satchel with the afformentioned crumpler insert in which houses:

Canon 600D With 18-55mm kit lens – a great APS-C sensor sized DSLR i love its size, its weight, it is a pleasure to use each day and has tons of great features and people may mock it but for an all around, low budget, ef-s 18-55mm is more worthy some slack than people give it! if like me you arent very well equipped in the wallet it comes free with the camersa covers four good focal ranges and takens decent sharp images. i use a tab of PTFE tape over the focus ring when im shooting outdoors to “lock” it on one of the four focal ranges and keep it on AF with IS on. the camera also features an inbuilt speedlite transmitter bringing me neatly to my Canon 550EX speedlite! Its an older model now but it firs well and true, has fantastic wireless capabilities and is generally an alround good flash i have found and cheap on the secondhand market too!

Then i have my primary film camera, my canon AF-& sureshot1 i cannot say enough good things about this little analog beauty! there dirt cheap have a great wide 35mm lense take bogstandard 35mm film and produce sharp great analog images, sofar ive only ran 100 & 400 ISO kentmere through it but ive been impressed greatly with the results, i also love the snapsot aspect of working with this camera i feel in credibley free in that space of 36 shots and its really quite discreet too!

thats all my daily camera gear wrapped up! all thats left is my university id, memory stick, and keys, my drum rolling tobacco, my (bane of my existence) blackberry, notepads and pen and a pair of decent cans for my phone so i can listen to my favorite tunes while im out!

to see more of my work my links are

Keep doing whatever it is you do! bye!

Thanks for sharing your bag with us. Great to see someone who is so sure about what they do. Keep it up.
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