In your bag 393, Andrew Sedik
A lovely simple fishing bag today….wait…what? Yep, Andy keeps his gear in a fishing bag. Come and have a look.


I’ve been enjoying the what’s in your bag series for quite some time and decided to submit a couple of photos of one of my camera bags.
The bag itself isn’t anything special. I found it several years ago in a (fishing) bait shop. I replaced the too short original strap with one from an old laptop bag. It’s my go to weekend bag and the bag I bring when I am going on vacation.

As for the gear, here is the breakdown:

Canonet QL17 – Found it at a garage sale a couple of years ago. I just had it CLA’ed and plan to use it as my main film camera. I am thinking of doing a Project 52 with it but haven’t decided on a film yet.  I picked up the Canon Domke strap at a camera show last year.

Yashica T4 Super – a Goodwill find, which is why there is a price tag on it. It set me back $5.49.  I usually keep it loaded with color film.

Lumix GX-1 – bought this for a trip to Europe earlier this year and have been very happy with it. I customized it with a Gordy strap and some leather from Aka Asahi. I just got the Olympus lens cap lens for it, but I usually have the 20mm lens (next to the camera) on it. I also have the viewfinder for it and I store the viewfinder in a container I found at Daiso.

JCH film holder. Right now there is a mix of film in there, some HP5, some Tri-X and some Portra.

Swiss army knife that a late friend gave me.

Small folding tripod. I bought one similar years ago for a trip to Europe and found it very handy.

Spare batteries and a spare memory card. I usually bring along my spare GX1 battery but I had it on the charger when I took this photo.

I also took a photo of the bag with everything inside, just to show it fits.

I shoot a mix of film and digital and usually things I see while I am out and about.

My Flickr page is at

All the best,
Andy Sedik

P.S. I saw your interview on the Lomography and thought it was very cool that you are a fan of Koudelka – he’s a favorite of mine as well. I was very happy to get a reprint of Gypsies earlier this year.

Thanks for the bag shot and the kind words Andy. Glad to meet another Koudelka fan. Good luck with your 52 project.
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