In your bag 392, Valentin Clavairolles
A huge bag for you today from France. This bag has a lot of everything in it, and looks like it is pretty damned heavy. Good job he is a young guy.

My name is Valentin Clavairolles and I am a 21 year old i’m from Aurillac, France and i have a very bad english.
I’m studying social work in a small town called Vichy, but my hobby is photography.

I have been practicing photography for three years. I am passionate about boxing and I have the opportunity to follow my hometown team during their travels.

What’s is my bag before the regional championships:

– Stonewood-BIG 72 (A bag generic cheap, and that goes unnoticed)

– Benro A-068M8 Tripod-Gitzo head with old school (very bad head)

– Canon EOS-3 with Canon 16-35 2.8 L lens (one of my favorite combination)

– Canon EOS 5D Mark-I (Camera relief if the eos 3 does not work)

– Pentax 67-II lens with Pentax 45mm f: 4 / 90mm f: 2.8 / 105 f: 2.4 / 165 f: 2.8 (a great camera that I love but is very heavy. I usually use a Mamiya 7II).

– Holga-120 (to use my 120 if the film pentax not work)

– Metz 20BC4 (little flash to freeze moments of action)

– Moleskine notebook (for taking notes on the boxers, the result of the match …)

– Kodak TX400-and Tmax 400 B & W and Portra 400 and Fuji Pro 400h for color


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Wow, what a bag, good job you are young. Carrying all of that stuff would kill me. Thanks for sharing Valentin.
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