IN YOUR BAG NO: 1709 – Darren Anderson

Darren shares his current rotation of cameras in his bag. Keeping it simple and straightforward for a daily shooter bag.

Hello Bellamy and fellow camera geeks,

My name is Darren Anderson. I am a 49 year old living in the beautiful town of Cheltenham UK.
I first got interested with photography, when my parents gave me a Kodak point and shoot camera for my 7th birthday.
It was to document my love of trains (yes I was a trainspotter). I can remember the countless photos I took with this camera firstly of trains, but gradually of everything and anything. I practically wore that camera out.
Fast forward to 16 and my first pay packet and picking up a lovely little Olympus point and shoot found in a car boot sale. I bought it to document my travels and anything else that was there to take a picture.
I like everyone else reared of course, and went down the digital route for a number of years, but found I wasn’t really enjoying my photography anymore, and subsequently lost all interest.
Fast forward again to 2013 and after going through a real bad few years of depression, I needed to find something to help and thus photography found its way back into my life. I now own a vast collection of film cameras and have fell in love with photography.
This is the current setup, and I will rock this outfit for around three months before I rotate my cameras around, I am one of these photographers that use their cameras and not just look at them gathering dust on a shelf.
I like to keep my bag setup plain and simple, not too cluttered.
The bag is from Troop London, and I have customised it by sewing a leather patch on the top cover to keep the worst of the British weather out (it rains a lot here in the UK). I had it now for around six years, and no matter what is thrown at it It has lasted me very well.
The current set up is my first batch 1954 Leica M3 DS with a Canon 50mm f1.4 and a homemade leather strap, I have had this camera for around 8 years and its my dream camera, its the one that I will never sell and goes everywhere with me.
I shoot Kodak tri-x or HP5 with the Leica.
Also, in the bag is a Zenza Bronika S2-A with a Nikkor-p 75mm F2.8, plus a spare film back. I am currently shooting Ilford delta 100 and Fomapan 400, I love my black and white!
I picked this up for a steal in a charity shop, and so far I am loving it.
Also in the bag is a homemade leather film case for 120 and 35mm a note book and pen for jotting notes down and a multi tool.
I home process my black and white film, but when I shoot colour I leave it to the lab, as I hate heating chemicals and working with Blix.
My Instagram page is  Darren500d if you are interested.

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