In your bag 294, Lars-Göran Hedström
This bag has been waiting to be featured for a while and it has finally made it. Lars is a guest writer for the site and a collector of the MS lenses. Let’s see what is in his bag.

Amazing how much a Crumpler messenger bag contains. As a former cinematographer I´m used to work with negative film instead of slides. Therefore my bag contains only negative film. Early in the Y2K I switched from analog to digital when it comes to still photography. But some months ago I found my fathers old Olympus Pen W (he died 1999 and I inherited, among other things, this camera).

I had some expired Kodak T-Max 100 in my fridge and thought I should try some good old analog, slow photography. I also dusted off my stainless steel Kindermann developing tanks. Bought some Paterson FX-39 developer and Tetenal fix. Developed the old T-Max 100 and was surprised of the picture quality. I was so inspired that I bought a Leica M4-P on e-Bay and began to (re-)shoot analog. Now I´ve shot some Ektar 100 and Porta 400 and the picture quality with exquisite texture rendering and colors really blow me away. Better than my Leica M9! Think I still believe in film.

I´m into street photography as much as landscape, nature and macro being a dedicated amateur. After more than 30 years of cinematography I´m an ICT coach at Halmstad University and shoot stills only on my spare time in Sweden, Europe and South Africa (mainly). Some of my pictures I upload to Flickr and I have my own blog, dedicated to Leica photography.

In my bag you might find:

a Leica M9 with Summicron 35/f 2 version IV

a Leica M4-P with Apoqualia 50/f 3,5

a Perar 28/f 4

a Noctilux 50/f 1,0 with variable ND-filter

a Macro Elmar 90/f 4 with Macro adapter and angle finder

a Leica Universal Polarizing filter

Some 39 mm ND filters

a Olympus Pen W

a Polaroid SLR 680

a cable release

an old Braun F 16B electronic flash (still works perfectly)

my trusty old Spectra Combi II light meter with spot attachment (I´m a dedicated user of zone exposure method). Some times I also use my iPhone 4 with the useful Pocket Light Meter app by Nuwaste studios ( Really cheep and it really works as a direct as well as a spot meter!

a Apple iPad with Bower and Wilkins SP5 headphones (love these headphones)

a Apple SD-card reader for my iPad

some Kodak Ektar 100 and Porta 400

some Ilford Delta 100 and (for the moment) some Kodak T-Max 400 (I just ran out of my preferred Ilford HP 5 Plus)

The bag is an old Crumpler New Dehli with inside compartment bag for camera equipment.

Not in the picture is my trusty Gitzo GM2541 monopod with Manfrotto 234RC head.

Travelling long distance to South Africa I use a Think Tank Airport Antidote ver 2.0 for my equipment and pack a Think Tank Retrospective 5 in my luggage. The Retrospective 5 I use for one day sessions. The Crumpler New Dehli is my one week away travel bag.



Thanks for sharing your bag with us Lars, it is great to see the MS lenses being put to good use.
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