In your bag 277, Jonathan Goh
We have a lovely bag for you today, with one of my personal favourite Nikon cameras inside. Check out Jonathan’s simple bag.

Many greetings from the small red dot on the world map, Singapore! My name is Jonathan Goh, 23 years old and currently a University student.
I started photography less than a year ago when I went on a Tibet expedition with my friend (you can see all the photos in the Fbook link below!).
Since then, I’m hooked onto this awesome hobby.

I work part-time at a local photography company but I usually walk around randomly at different parts of Singapore whenever I’m free to shoot the streets and the things that people tend to pass by due to our hectic lifestyle. As Singapore is a place of multiple races, you can get to see different cultures all within this small island. Enough of that, now let’s take a look at the content of my bag. These are the items I usually take when I go out for street photography.

– SN_Classic Navy Blue backpack from SoundNation:
Handy backpack to store my cameras and other items, with two side pockets where I usually put my cleaning cloth etc. for easier access.

– Nikon Fm3a, with 24mm f2.8 /50mm f1.8 AI-s:
My first SLR, works like a charm. In fact, it was this that got me into shooting film so I tend to treasure it more than my DSLR. Love the way it looks as well.

– Agfa Vista 400:
This film’s results are really good, it has a balance between grains and color. While the colors may not be that vibrant but I love the photos that it produces.

– Lens pen and chamois cleaning cloth:
Pen to help brush off all the dust and cloth to wipe it clean if needed.

– Batteries for my Fm3a and D5100:
The Fm3a can work without batteries as well.

– Extra memory card for the D5100:
I shoot in RAW so the files are pretty big.

– Notebook and pen/pencil:
I frequently keep notes on the places that I traveled or sketch them for future references.

*Not in photo*
– Nikon D5100, with Sigma 50mm f1.4:
I usually bring this as well when I tend to stay till nightfall as I usually load my Fm3a with low ISO films for day shoots. It is very light for the body itself and that is the decisive factor
when I tend to walk around alot.

I usually don’t bring my laptop along as I believe that if one is shooting the streets, he/she needs to be as light as possible to cover more distance without tiring themselves out first. It’s like shooting with a SLR, you can’t really tell how it would look on film till you develop it and that anticipation till you finally see it is what I feel to be one of the most satisfying experiences of photography.

That’s it. As you can see my bag contains very little items, so that I can pretty much run, jump and squat with little effort.
I hope everyone enjoyed this and I wish to everyone to continue this amazing art. Thank you!

“Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world.”
— Bruno Barbey

You can visit me at: (Tibet photos here) (mini blog)

Thanks for sharing your lovely bag with us Jonathan. Great to see someone shooting the FM3a, such as versatile camera.
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