In your bag number 242, Heiko Krause
This is a bag that I have had in the archives for a while and I have finally been able to get up on the site. A very well organized bag for you all the way from Germany.

My Name is Heiko Krause and I’m a film-based photographer from the Northeastern Germany. I’m working as a lecturer on photography and new media at the Caspar-David-Friedrich-Institut Greifswald ( This 1970’s bag I would like to present is the one that I’m using very often because it’s light, well made in proportion and has very practical compartments. I have to admit that I have a special bag for every camera set up that I use. (CONTAX RTS III, CONTAX RX, CERTO BEE BEE, MAMIYA C330 S)

The one that you see here, allows me to have on board the whole optical and technical set that surrounds my beloved Hexar RF:

Black Konica HEXAR RF + Black JUPITER 8 2,0 50mm + M40,5 nens hood + rare leather ever ready case
Black JUPITER 9 2,0 85mm + M49 Pentacon lens hood + Finder + M-Adapter
Black JUPITER 12 3,5 35mm + Case + M-Adapter
Silver JUPITER 3 1,5 50mm + M40,5 lens hood + M-Adapter
Konica HEXAR HX18 Flash + Case

At the moment I’m doing a lot of photography on the ordinary life. Using this camera+lens-set gives me the opportunity to be reconnected to my famous teacher and friend, Prof. Arno Fischer (, who sadly passed away last autumn. The camera body was one of his beloved tools that he gave me to use as its new owner. Coming from East Germany I wanted to make a kind combination of the best of both worlds – the former socialist and the capitalist world – by combining the body with the three export-type USSR lenses that I honestly really appreciate.

If you are interested in my photographic work please have a look at my website:

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Thanks for sharing your bag with us and for sharing the story of how you came to have the camera. A very nice story.
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