In your bag number 225, Václav Mach
We have a double bag for you today. I love it when I get to see two different bags from the same person, it give me a real idea of how they shoot. Check it out.

My name is Václav Mach, I’m 20 years old and from Czech Republic. I’ve been taking photos since I was young, I took it “more seriously” around five years ago. Even though I study informatics now, we have optional lessons of photography (including history) and that helped me a lot.

I was a photographer in a local music club for some time, but now I want to focus more on reportage and documentary photography.

I’m now leaving for a 10 days course of photography to the countryside and forests and this is the all photo stuff I’m taking with me. Actually these are two sets. The first – “working set” – is mainly for concerts and other events. The second – more interesting “personal set” – is for my personal work and everyday snapshots. I develop the BW film and prints by myself, recently I bought a C-41 developer and Ektar for experiments with color.

The first set:

– Canon EOS 30D with “nifty fifty” – old but I don’t need anything better
– Canon 18-55mm – oldest version, universal, cheap, IQ good enough
– Jupiter 135mm f/3.5 with EOS adapter and e-bay lens hood – I’m proud of this one, bought for around $25, perferct build quality and SHARP!
– pinhole lens made from Canon body cap and aluminium foil – for experimenting at the photo course
– Canon 420EX II flashgun, gel filters – I use A5 paper as a diffusor
– few Sandisk cards and a spare battery
– LowePro 170 AW camera bag – great bag for work

The second set:

– Voitgländer Bessa R3A with Carl Zeiss Planar 50mm f2 – Amazing one lens kit! I’m really proud of it.
– Original Bessa case – I use only bottom half most of the time
– Artisan&Artist strap – expensive, but after a bad experience with cheap straps I bought this one and never looked back …
– Ilford FP4 Plus – the film I use the most of the time
– Kodak Ektar 100 – looking forward to test it in the countryside
– DM Paradies ISO 400 film – really cheap ($2.50) film for fun and push processing
– Samsung Galaxy Ace – another camera! When good light the results are good enough for web and Instagram use …
– microfiber lens cloth, tissue papers, hand desinfection, wallet
– Roncato ECO BAG – not a camera bag though, but ideal for one camera with lens and some personal things

So that’s it!


Thanks for sharing both of your bag setups Václav, it is great to see the difference between the two and how they would influence your photography.
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