In your bag 845, Daniel Sha
A very nice classic camera bag, with a whole ton of filters. Seriously, that is a load of filters. And two lovely Canon’s too. Check it out.

I am a part time photographer from Long Island, NY.  I shoot portrait, travel and street photography or pretty much anything i think is fun. I am a hybrid shooter, I shoot both digital and analog.  I carry different bags depending on what I feel like shooting, and here is my march of film bag to share with you..

-Domke F-803 bag:  my favorite bag for travel and walking around town.  Doesn’t look like a camera bag and can definitely takes a lot of abused.

-2X Canon A1’s.  I usually load one with HP5+ pulled to 200, and one pushed to 3200.  But i have also went out loading one with colors and one with black and white.

-Canon FD 28mm f2.8.

-Canon FD 50mm f1.4.

-Canon FD 100mm f2.8.


Ektar 100, Porta 160, 400, 800,  GOLD 400

-Black and white:
Ilford hp5+

-ND Filters, Color Filters


-Lens pen

-Epi pen

-Tide pen

-pen pen

-business cards



That’s it for now, I will share my other bags once March is over.

-DJS photography

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Daniel. I love the classic Canons working side by side.
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