In your bag No: 537, Damian Deßler
I am not sure what it is about this bag, but I like it. Perhaps it is the old and new working together? Or maybe the lovely Nikon compact. Whatever it is, I like it.

My Name is Damian Deßler, and I´m a 31 year old from Gelsenkirchen, Germany.

I work as a  Projectmanager and Consultant in the E-Commerce industry but besides my work life I´m an enthusiastic follower of the photography community and here´s my bag.

My main camera is not a Leica or Zeiss, it´s only a charming Olympus OM-2n with a Zuiko 50mm f1.8. Mostly loaded with Tri-X 400 or other B/W film like Ilford. For fun there is also a La Sardina 8-Ball loaded with color films mostly with ASA 400.

When I´m on the road to my office via train and don´t like a heavy bag then I take my small point & shoot camera, the Nikon L35AF2 which is really nice an solid and a fixed lens at 35mm and f2.8.

My last acquired camera is the Seagull 4B-I TLR with a 75mm f3.5 lens. It was really cheap, only 25€ with a Gossen Brix 3 exposure meter. It has a really clear viewfinder which is really nice. It´s my first TLR and can´t await the first developed roll.

I also shoot digital with my Fuji X10, but I´m looking forward to purchase a Ricoh GR V (maybe).

We´ll see :)

You can check some photos at my Flickr account: but there are mostly digital pic until now. Hope that I can upload some medium format photos in near future ;).

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Damian, I hope you have a lot of fun with the TLR.
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