In your bag number 137, CF Salicath
Todays bag comes to you from Norway, and I hope the weather is better than it is here. But besides that, the bag is a whopper, with all kinds of gear including a musical instrument. Good stuff.

Hi, my name is CF Salicath, 22 year old photographer based in Stavanger, Norway, and this is my bag. My work focus on street, reportage and documentary, specializing in concerts.

The bag is a black ThinkTank Retrospective 30, the only bag I have been happy with. It fits everything I need and it does scream ”Photobag! Come and steal me!” I had a discussion with a friend of mine, who study design, about my preferences for a photobag. When I stated it had to be secured against pick-pockets, yet give access to the gear the moment I see a picture (preferably it would hand me the right camera before I knew I would need one) and it would have to defy gravity, she left the room. When some makes a bag like that, please give me a word.

Well, over to the good stuff! My two trusty shooter these days are the Nikon FG, named Fay, and the Fujifilm Finepix X100, named Fioleta. (Yes, of course I name my cameras, don’t you?!) For concerts and press-assignments I also use a Nikon D300s (Nikoline).

I got the FG really cheap from a friend, and have been using it a lot with the lenses I have for the D300s. It is everything I want and need from a camera.

The X100, pictures with original hood and leather half-case, made me fall in love with rangefinders and got me into street photography. A lovely thing, and I have used it almost every day for a year now. There is only one real problem with it; now I want a Leica…

The Yashicaflex 635 (named Jeanette) was my first real entry into medium format photography. I use it from time to time, but it is too slow to work with to be a everyday shooter for me.

Lenses! The Nikon 17-35 f/2,8 is my superwide for the FG, standard zoom for the D300s. The 35 f/2 is the “one-body-one-lens” companion with the FG, while I hardly use the 50mm f/1,8, but it is handy to have in case I need to stretch a bit.

Other stuff:

– Moleskine sketchbook and planner

– Pictures to show people what I do

– Spare film. Usually Tri-X 400 but sometimes a roll of Portra 400 for the Yashicaflex.

– Antibac for hygiene on the go.

– Lens cleaning whipes

– Iphone 3GS

– Roland WAW-recorder. Sounds are a large part of our memory, why not record it…?

– Harmonica

– Felt-tip pens

– Spare batteries

– Repair-tape

– Lighter (don’t smoke, but offering a light is a good conversation-starter)

– Earplugs, ER20s and a spare pair. Essential for concerts.

– SD memory card to USB reader.

– Spare flashdrive

– Business-cards

– Cleaning cloth

I also carry a MacBook Air 11,6” when I travel, great for minor editing of digital files on the go.

That is it. But of course the gear is only half the story. If you want to see what I do with it, please head over to my web-sites:





CF Salicath

Thanks for sharing your bag and your thoughts CF, a nice little selection of gear you have there. Follow CF and check out his sites, and comment too for that elusive Camera Karma.

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