In your bag 444, Sean Lotman and Ariko Inaoka
I am really happy to be able to share the dual bags of my good friends Sean Lotman and Ariko Inaoka. This (soon to be) married couple share their photography, travels and lives, so I thought it would be great for them to show their bags together. Come and have a look.

Ariko and I don’t shoot the same assignments per se, but we are showing our bags together because we do exhibit our work together and when we travel we often hit the streets together for our wandering. As you can tell from our gear, we’re a little bit old-fashioned.

This is my camera bag on a busy day. I don’t often carry the Olympus Pen D2 because I like to focus on one camera (usually the Nikon Fe2). That said, I continue to shoot with the Diana f+ often enough that it is on my person. The Harinezumi is a digital video camera that I occasionally need when a still photograph does not suffice. I like this compact “spy” camera because its colors remind me of my film. Finally, I always carry a notebook and pen, as I also work as a writer and when I’m out walking, ideas occasionally come to me that need to be put on paper.
Sean’s bag
F-10 Domke bag

Nikon FE2 with 35mm F1.4 AIS Lens

Diana f+ with flash

Oluympus Pen D2

Harinezumi Digital video

Portra 400 120

Kodak E100 Ektachrome

Notebook and pen

Ariko bought her Domke bag in 1995 in New York. She’s been using Nikon F cameras since she studied photography at Parsons. Voiglander is a great camera for portraits and double exposures. The Fuji 8mm movie camera is light and easy to use. The Sekonic is handy with the Voightlander and the 8mm movie camera. She doesn’t carry all the power stones with her all the time, usually just one, for its lucky charms.
Ariko’s bag
Original Domke bag

Nikon FE2 with Carl Zeiss 28 Distagon

Voightlander Bessa 2

Fujica Single-8PX300 Movie Camera

Fujifilm Fujicrhome R25N 8mm film

Kodak Portra 800 35mm

Kodak Portra 800 120

Sekonic L-308S

Five power stones

Links to Sean and Ariko’s websites:

It is wonderful to see these two bags together and to see how well they work together. I love that classic Domke bag and the 8mm movie camera too. Thanks to Sean and Ariko for being kind enough to share their bags with us.
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