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In your bag number 98, Carsten Schouler (LucisPictor) Now that we are back rolling I have a bag for you that I have wanted to show for a long time. This bag belongs to a guy I know as LucisPictor and has been sitting in my ‘inyourbag’ file since the great crash. I hope you […]

In your bag #91 – Gary Benson

2 min read

In your bag number 91, Gary Benson Not a lot of details with todays bag. All I know is that Gary is from the UK. But he has provided a lovely bag-shot for us. Gary, if you would like to add anything then please let us all know about you.

In your bag number 88, Francois Constant Here you go people, another great bag for you. This time the bag shot is a bit of a funny shape, so I have included the un-cropped original on the post. Check it out…

In your bag #83 – Neal Thorley

2 min read

In your bag number 83, Neal Thorley Hello there baglovers, we have another bag from Townsville in Australia for you. How about that then? The world is smaller that it seems. But this bag isn’t, it’s a whopper….

In your bag #76 – Juan

5 min read

In your bag number 76, Juan Now, today we have a massively cool bagshot. So cool in fact that I have been forced to add it to the post twice. Juan is a bit of an enigma, an ex-pro photographer who is shooting film again, there are scant details about the man himself. So, come […]

In your bag #68 – Martin Gomez

2 min read

In your bag number 68, Martin from Argentina! That is right, we have a bag all the way from Argentina! How cool is that, to know that people all over the globe are taking part in this series. It is awesome. So come one, come all and take a peek inside Martin’s bag…

In your bag number 64, Colby Brown Today’s ‘in your bag’ is a little bit special, it is actually an mini interview as well as a bag-shot. Colby Brown is a photographer and photography teacher who also does work to help struggling communities. Lets find out a bit more about Colby and his bag…

In your bag number 63, Jeremy Pangilinan Another lovely day in Japancamerahunter land, because we have another lovely bag for you. So, without too much of a kerfuffle I shall let Jeremy talk about his fantastic bags….

In your bag #60 – Eric Kim

4 min read

In your bag number 60, Eric Kim Well well well, got a very special bag for you all today….The bag of the Legendary Eric Kim! Yes, that is right I have managed to get Eric to give us a bag shot so you all can see what the globetrotting Mr. Kim carries around when he […]

In your bag #58 – Steve Calder

3 min read

In your bag number 58, Steve Calder How are my wonderful bag lovers doing? Hope you are all well and getting stuck in to your new projects. We have an another cool bag for you today. This one has quite a unique feel to it as well. I shall let the owner, Steve, tell you […]