In your bag number 201, Qendrim Hoti
Todays bag is fantastic. Not only for the mood lighting but for the painting of a hippo. I think I have seen just about everything now.

My name is Qendrim Hoti and I am currently living in Toronto, I am studying fine art and hopefully will be moving to Paris for my masters degree in a year.
I usually only have one of my cameras on me since I am a painter at heart, I have recently fallen in love with film photography. I used to always keep my sketchbook with me but now I bring my camera everywhere as well! I am on a trip in Europe for three months and these are the cameras I took with me, plus a shit load of self rolled Tri X. I’ve acquired a huge amount of film to develop. Since I have a Nikon F, I bought the Fed 2 to see if I would like rangefinders, I am now hooked. I am planning on getting a Leica M3 as soon as I get back to the west!

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My bag is a military ammunition satchel I got at a army store when I lived in New York.
Moleskine sketchbook
Leather global art pencil case
Winsor and Newton watercolour set for on site sketches
Standard Vicotrinox swiss army knife I got in Switzerland
Fed 2 with Industar 50 lens, I also brought a Industar 26 with me, but the I-50 is nicely compact.
Lubitel 166 Lomo medium format
Some 35mm and 120 film.

Thanks Bellamy!

Thanks for sharing your lovely bag Qendrim. And thanks for sharing your lovely picture too. What a fantastically artistic bag.
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