In your bag number 202, Ian Devlin
A monster bag for you today from Scotland. It is not everyday that you encounter a student carrying around a Mamiya 645 Super. What a beast. Check it out.

Hi, My name is Ian i’m a photography student from Glasgow, Scotland. My bag varies on the day to day but i’d have to say this is the most common set up i’d be seen carrying. I shoot all kinds of photography but specialise in portraiture. That being said i spend a large amount of my spare time doing lomography and analogue experiments.

Mamiya 645 Super: I have recently purchased this bad boy i was originally shooting my medium formats on holgas or my rolleicord 1A. They just weren’t cutting it for me so i was testing other alternatives i looked at pentacoons and bronicas but eventually settled on the 645.

Olympus OM – 10 + 50mm f/1.4: this was the camera that it all started from, i’d moved to digital around the age of 13 and didn’t really feel the need to go back until a friends dad handed me a bag with the om-10 and a load of lenses. I have recently bought a OM-1 and an om-101 but the om-10 still is my favourite.

Films: I normally carry a handful of films so i’m not caught short. usually fuji films for colour however i have just bought a batch of expired e100g and Kodak tri x

Misc: keys with memory sticks including a La cie “I’m a key” stick, wallet usually empty :P, Monster Energy drink normally how i stay awake, Stagecoach Uni rider (one of the perks of being a student dirt cheap bus travel)

not pictured: Limited edition Lime green sekonic l-308s, nikon d300s for my daily blipfoto update. iPhone 4 & Skull Candy headphones

New blog about my camera collection:

Thanks Ian for sharing your bag. A very nice set-up you have there. I cannot get over that you moved from digital at age 13, that makes me feel positively ancient. Funny thing is, there is no bag in this bag shot :)
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