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Show us your film: Summer is coming

Show us your film: Summer is coming Slowly but surely the film stashes trickle in. It was all quiet on the stash front for a while, but people are waking up from hibernation and opening the fridge in preparation for the summer. Check these lovely collections out. Theo Pond I meant to send this before […]

Show us your film : Various Offenders A few people sent their stash in, so I thought it would be fun to share them with you. I bet some of you lot have incredible collections. Who knows, we could end up with people doing stash swaps. Check it out.

Show us your film : The JCH Stash I was having a chat with Dan K the other day and we thought it might be fun to what what film people have in their stash. I know some of us have got ridiculous film stashes, so it might be fun to see them.