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Show us your film: Roll on Autumn

Show us your film: Roll on Autumn It has been awfully hot all over this summer, I have been hiding in the air conditioning. Some cool cats have managed to keep their film stashes cool though, and now they share them with you. Roll on Autumn! Kitty Chirapongse I promise I don’t have a problem. […]

Show us your film: Summer is coming

Show us your film: Summer is coming Slowly but surely the film stashes trickle in. It was all quiet on the stash front for a while, but people are waking up from hibernation and opening the fridge in preparation for the summer. Check these lovely collections out. Theo Pond I meant to send this before […]

Show us your film : Various Offenders A few people sent their stash in, so I thought it would be fun to share them with you. I bet some of you lot have incredible collections. Who knows, we could end up with people doing stash swaps. Check it out.

Show us your film : The JCH Stash I was having a chat with Dan K the other day and we thought it might be fun to what what film people have in their stash. I know some of us have got ridiculous film stashes, so it might be fun to see them.