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Camera Geekery: Analogue Photography by Andrew Bellamy

While this is a beautiful book, if more people had it we wouldn’t be able to find Nikon SLRs masquerading as broken digital cameras for 3 bucks. All jokes aside, Analogue Photography is a wonderful collection to any film photography lovers’ library. Written by Andrew Bellamy, Analogue Photography: Reference Manual for Shooting Film delves deeply into the technical side […]

Jesse’s Book Review – Japan through a Leica

Jesse’s Book Review – Japan through a Leica by Ihee Kimura This time around Jesse tackles a book that a few people have mentioned to me lately. A really special book for the Leica buffs out there. Japan Through a Leica is really first and foremost a collector’s book. The first edition was released in […]

Jesse’s book review, On the Road by Daido Moriyama Jesse has had a little vacation, but now he is back with a great review of a great book. It is particularly hard to do reviews of such well known photographers when they have the weight of many words behind them, but Jesse covers the Moriyama […]

Photography zines (and books) No: 4 I have a few more fantastic books and zines for your viewing pleasure. I am really enjoying this feature and I get very excited when the post comes with something new and exciting. Check out what I have this time.

Jesse’s book review, A beautiful catastrophe by Bruce Gilden Jesse’s review this week covers one of my personal books. This is a book I took a long time to come to and really respect. It wasn’t until I had met the man that I really understood where and how this book came to be. This […]