Film News: Pentax moving closer to a new film camera

Whilst the rest of the film photography world has been trying to find film that doesn’t cost the earth, or is trying to figure out what emulsion Fuji actually is, Pentax have continued in their quest to make a new film camera. And they now have an update on Youtube to show they are moving closer to a new film camera.

You may recall at the end of last year Pentax blindsided us all with the news that they are going to start researching the idea of making a new film camera. Well, with their latest video update it seems this has taken a step closer to reality. In the latest video, TKO, one of the designers working on a new film camera fills us in on what has been going on behind the scenes.

It seems that the news was received a bit better than they had anticipated as they had offers of assistance and support from all over the world. Earlier this year Pentax opened a questionnaire website for the Japanese market and the response they had was absolutely huge. This has spurred them on with their efforts and in the video TKO announces that they are working on a fixed lens, manual winding camera aimed at the younger market.


I am not going to give it all away, you should watch the video and read the transcript, but it is very exciting news. Pentax is willing to step up to the plate, remember where they came from and bring something back to film photography.
That is a huge deal. Pentax are listening to the public and working actively with them to provide a quality camera that appeals to new and seasoned film photographers. That really speaks volumes about the company, as so many of the large manufacturers keep the public at arms reach, just building what will give them the edge or the highest return.


And not only that, I think they might have watched my video and comments about wanting a new LX too. haha.

Christmas has come early for me. There is no mention of a timeframe and from experience I know these things can take a lot of time. But they have already put serious resources into this project and have already got results. They have cleverly used social media to bring this project to the public and it is paying off.

I am looking forward to more exciting news soon. And Pentax, if you are reading this, I would love to be of assistance in this project…