For this week’s “In Your Bag” we have Jumahat and his Leica MP!

Hej! I am Jumahat Leman, an ex-graphic designer and now a healthcare worker based in Singapore. I appeared before in this column in 2018 as no 1612. Photography is still an outlet for me to capture moments I see around me.

I chose a Domke F-5XB Camo version as I do not carry much when out shooting and prefer the lighter nylon material. And who wouldn’t like the cool camo look? I’ve since switched the original strap to a Wotancraft version as it is lighter and not as stiff, and I pasted skull He-Man and Travis Bickle para-wing patches on the velcro to lessen the noise.

What is in the bag:

  • MP black paint with Voigtlander 35mm f2 Ultron – I traded 3 cameras (M6 0.85 TTL, Leitz CL, and FM3a), 2 lenses and paid a few hundred dollars for the body 1.5 years ago
  • Rolls of bulk rolled film – either Ilford HP5+, Kentmere 400 or Foma 200, also rarely Vision 500T + any available marker for writing on film cannister caps
  • Daler Rowney pocket size sketch pad + any available pen for notes
  • Shure SE215 in-ear phones for music – only while travelling to and from destination (public transport bus or MRT rail system)
  • Small air blower + “camera-survival-kit” in a small IKEA Föremål tin box (contains spare batteries, wet and dry lens cleaning paper, coin for unscrewing camera battery compartment, guitar picks as name cards)
  • Freitag coin pouch for cash, coins and assorted cards + house keys with Lego hulk

The MP is not my go-to camera, though I am trying to shoot with it as much as I possibly can since it’s such a joy to use. I own a few other camera kits that I reach for when the image making purpose, intent or location needs it – FM2n, F3P, XA-2, XA-3, Pen D and CL. The FM2n was used to capture the photos of the bag.

Last year after I left my job of 12 years, I decided to sign-up for a photography workshop. I was thinking the formal learning will equip and help me with choosing the “best” images I made from 2016 onwards to be properly compiled, sequenced and be made into a self-published photozine. Instead, I was introduced and educated into the world of documentary photography and photojournalism. Of course, there’s still a part about choosing the right images and sequencing them.

Now, I am about to self-publish a photo zine documenting an old housing estate that is slowly emptying and soon to be demolish as the whole area will be developed into a modern housing and commercial area. I am also about to start a personal project on therapy aides working in a care center for seniors.

Thanks for reading!




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