In your bag No: 1612 – Jumahat Leman

Jumahat is a born again film shooter and strolls around incognito with this minimalist approach.

Hey JCH readers, my name is Jumahat Leman and i’m from Singapore. This is the 2nd time i sent my bag picture, but the 1st one was not featured, so maybe i might be 2nd time lucky now?

I’m a graphic designer, photography (and making music) is a means for me to relax, do my own thing and experiment. I used to shoot a Nikon D80 at local independent gigs regularly. Family priorities, work commitment and age change that, and i sold off all the gear.

A few years later when i needed a camera and discovered the mirrorless system, i started buying old legacy lenses. They were cheaper then and well-made when compared to the newer Nikkors i used previously. Soon enough, i re-discovered film and bought, tried, used a lot of cameras and lenses. I kept the few i love and use constantly, and sold the rest away.

Pictured here is my everyday camera that’s always in my bag, or pocket, or hand – the Olympus XA-2. Its with me 90% of the time. I shoot moments that i see everyday with this. You can check-out a few of the images captured with this camera filed under “strolling” in my site:

The bag is a cheap IKEA Giltig Series everyday tote. In the bag: keys with Hulk Lego keychain; Hershel wallet for coins, notes and atm card; spare film – i was trying out Ilford Delta 400 and FP4 Plus then; empty 35mm film container; Vostok Russian military watch on my wrist; and the XA-2 loaded with my favourite Ilford HP5+.

You can check my images at site: and Instagram: My improvised ambient/noise/drone soundscapes, can be heard and bought here: I’ve used pictures captured from my dslr D80 in the packaging and site.

Thanks for checking-out my bag. Love your site tremendously as i learn a lot from the articles, and also because i’m a busy body checking-out others’ gear. Btw, i shot the pictures with a Nikon FM3A loaded with Fuji Superia Xtra 800 and Voigtlander Ultron 40mm f2 lens.

Best regards,

Jumahat Leman

Thanks for sending us your bag shot Jumahat. Shot on film no less, nice.

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