In your bag No: 1576 – David Roberts

This is all Dave needs in his new nomadic life and shares it with us with style.

After giving my Billingham Hadley One a well deserved wash, I thought what better time than now to submit an ‘In your bag’ to JCH?

I’m David Roberts. My photography story is intertwined with my travels. After deciding to leave the (un)comforts of the UK back in 2016 for a more tropical climate, I chose to immerse myself into photography so I can document my journey. Little did I know at that point that photography would become such a special and integral part of my life. I have now been ‘on the road’ for almost a year living a completely nomadic life and I would not change it for the world! I have lived in Thailand, Japan & Taiwan and have made a zine titled ‘Simple Nothings’ with another on the way.

In the past few years my photography setup has changed quite drastically with a few major factors dictating what I used. As you can see In the picture I shoot Leica, more specifically the M2 with a 35mm Summaron 2.8 & M9 with the legendary 50mm Summicron. When plane hopping size and weight is everything but keeping things minimal helps with so much more than that. The elimination of choices leads to more creativity right?

I despise straps (they just get in the way) but sometimes it makes life easier to be able to have both hands free and not dig into the bag for a camera so I usually bring along a rope strap which I find to be the strap type which allows most movement.

I have also curated a little cleaning kit of my own comprising of some Zeiss wipes, a microfibre cloth and a super handy travel sized make-up brush. It is really important for me to keep my cameras clean as the environments I am in are usually really dusty and generally adverse.

Media is very important I always take with me extra SD Cards & lots of glorious B&W film. Some of my favourites are HP5+ 400, Fujifilm ACROS 100 and your very own JCH Streetpan 400. These films give me a good range of useable ASA’s & contrast levels. I shoot predominantly B&W as that way I can focus completely on subject, composition & exposure which in my eyes are all that a photograph needs.

I always take with me my work, you can see in the picture my zine (A5 size) and some 7×5″ prints, you never know who you may meet and I can say from experience that there is nothing more rewarding than sharing your work over a cup of coffee.

If you want to see more my website and social media handles are –
Instagram – @drobertsphoto & @drobertsanalogue

I hope you have enjoyed seeing what I use and hope you will carry on and see what I create. Peace

Thanks for sending us your sweet bag shot, Dave. Indeed, the elimination of choices leads to more creativity. Keep on hustlin’.

Keep them coming folks, we need more submissions, so get your bag on

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