In your bag No: 1232, Kevin Segedi
Kevin shares with us the sort of bag you might see me carrying. Although my film would be in a more compact container, perhaps some kind of film case, lol. Check this one out.

Bellamy and Fans of JCH,

Greetings from Canada! Enjoy the photo. It’s not the best, but I was outside in a pine tree pollen storm so was trying to work quickly.

The Bag: Domke F-803 Ballistic. It doesn’t look like your average camera bag. I love it. Roomy but not big – my photo makes the thing look enormous – it’s not. Got it used to boot.

When I’m not working as a Web/Tech/Marketing nerd, I am doing something photography related. While I go back and forth between digital and film, I’ve sold/traded off the digital Leicas and am shooting with a M6 and M7. Both are .85 viewfinder magnification and the M7 is a la carte. It’s hard to beat the simplicity, ease of use, and control you get with manual machines.

I am rather promiscuous with my film choices. Sometimes I like slide, sometimes B&W, and often colour. Fuji, Kodak, Ilford, Agfa… whatever is in the camera works for me. The same with subject matter. Wherever I happen to be, that’s what I’m photographing.

Things usually in the bag, or my hands, that are with me everywhere I go – except the shower.

Harem of film – ISO 100 – 1600, Colour, Slide, B&W – I write on the canister caps or bottoms with a Sharpie so I know what’s inside. It’s rather disorganized, but B&W goes into one of the small front pockets under the flap, colour in the other – I wonder who makes a nice 35mm film carrier?…. hmmm.

Leica M6 Classic .85 with black dot
Leicagoodies Sling (I need to get another, best twenty bucks ever spent)
Leica Summilux 35mm FLE – the lens that I regretted selling, so this is my second. I traded my M 240 for it and a little top-up cash.
Voigtlander 21/25mm metal viewfinder – The plastic versions work, but this one is better.
Leica M7 a la carte – no logo/script/engraving, just black paint. .85 VF, 35/135, 50 and 90mm framelines, MP-style film advance.
Leica Summarit-M 75mm f/2.4 – the new one. Had the old, but didn’t like its long minimum focusing distance. The new one, with .7m is very nice. The irony is I thought I’d never use this focal length and neither camera has the 75mm framelines. I cheat by using the box formed by the ends of the 50mm framelines and creating an imaginary box. 75mm is my ideal portrait telephoto – I could never get along with 90mm so we broke up.
Match Technical Bip – nice to have on the M7 since it has a different release feel due to AE
Photo-Equip ML-grip – I used to have fancy cases for my M bodies. But, they add too much thickness. The Sling on the M6 and this grip are great for improving grip without adding weight and bulk to the body.
Voigtlander 21mm f/4 – this is another second purchase after I foolishly sold the first one. Great lens, and adds almost no weight to the bag.

Ricoh GR with OVF – what more can I say, it’s great. Small size, easy to use but you can customize the heck out of it. Stunning photo machine.
Extra batteries on a tin of migraine meds (I’ll take a dead battery over a dead head any day)
Business cards – to hand out to strangers whom I photograph and generally look important
Pen and Miro notebook – I get email addresses so I can send photos to aforementioned strangers. Also to jot down location info during scouting or artist names if I see their work.
Not in the bag, but sometimes are:
Leica 50mm Summilux
Leica 24mm Elmarit

If you wish – see what I’ve been up to or send me a note:

Thanks for being awesome.

– Kevin Segedi

Thanks for the bag shot, Kevin. I am a big fan of the 803 bag, it looks great.
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