In your bag 843, Eldar Spahić
Eldar shares with us not only his cameras, but also his film collection, which includes tons of Efke goodness. Check it out.

My name is Eldar Spahić, I’m a 22 years old Student of Visual arts and communication design, living and studying in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina).
Walking with my camera since 2008 and still enjoying it.
Mostly I use to shoot Streets, Portraits, Cars and sometimes Skateboarding.
Next to photography I love to do DIY Projects, I’ve repaired several cameras, modified flashes, built with a friend a Portable 180Ws Strobe, Modifying Lenses to Nikon Mount & etc.

I’ve divided my bags, when I shoot for myself and when I do some Weddings or other jobs.

I’m one of the few in my Country who still shoot Analog, develop and make prints by my own; I’ve set a little lab in my basement and enjoying every minute there, I shoot all kinds of film, I use what I can find : )

1. McKinley Bag, the best and the cheapest one!

2. Mamiya RB67 with the 90mm F/3.8 Lens and Arca Swiss Polaroid Back (2 exposures on one Sheet)

3. Mamiya 6×7 Back

4. Zuiko OM 50mm F/1.4, Nikon F Mod.

5. Jupiter 9 85mm F/2, Nikon F Mod.

6. Mamiya Sekor C 50mm F/4.5

7. Yashica Electro 35 GS

8. Nikon D3 with a Nikkor AF-D 35mm F/2


This is my bag when I work or have some planned shootings.

Pataco CPCC-1 Bag, also really cheap and it has a lot of space!

Minolta 5400 HS and Nikon SB-16 Flashes, some trusty Chinese Triggers, Lightstands and Umbrellas.


And for the end here are some of my Films which I use, Digitalized with a Nikon LS-2000 and Canon 9000F.


thanks for sharing your bag and your film with us Eldar. That Efkecolour looks very interesting.
Check out the links and make sure you come and comment.

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