IN YOUR BAG: 1740 – Luc

For this week’s installment of “In Your Bag” we have Luc and his rangefinders!

Hello there! My name is Luc. I have spent some 20 years in Japan and have been interested in photography and cameras since a teenager. Over the years I have used a myriad of digital cameras—starting with Nikon dslrs and ending up with a Leica M10p. Needless to say, as my photographic interests changed over the years, so did the cameras I used.  I would consider myself a street photographer. I still believe many people in Japan have misconceptions about the art of street photography, but that is another topic for another time, isn’t it?

Like so many of us, I needed a new outlet once the pandemic started. My new outlet was film photography. After selling what digital gear I had left, I made the plunge into “the new” world of film photography. You must be thinking what was my first film camera in nearly 20 years? The Fujifilm TX-1 (aka Hasselblad Xpan). After getting my first few rolls of film back from the lab, I was completely hooked.

My bag and gear

People often say that if your camera makes you feel good when you shoot it, it will make you want to use it even more.  I completely agree with this opinion.  I also agree that the same applies for the bag you carry your camera(s) and gear in.  I have never been a big fan of bags made specifically for cameras for esthetic reasons, and more importantly, I could never find one that suited my needs.
Like that old Berenstain Bear Book “Old Hat, New Hat”, everything was either too small or too large, or too hard or too soft.  I could never seem to find something that I truly felt comfortable with.  This all changed one afternoon in Kyoto.  My camera bag is a custom ordered, hand-made bag from a wonderful group of artisans at Hinode Tent in Kyoto.
This cross between a shoulder bag and tote bag is absolutely perfect for carrying my gear around on long walks throughout the city and occasionally on nature hikes as well.  I always carry my main camera, the Fujifilm TX-1, and a blacked-out Leica M6 with a 28 elmarit.  I usually burn through quite a lot of film when I am out, so I always have two Japan Camera Hunter film cases with me.
My most recent purchase is the research for cancer pink edition.  (Love the color pink and I think it is a great and respectful cause.)  Finally, I also have started to carry around a Sekonic L-308 light meter. Taking photos with the TX-1 in low light situations is something I would like to further explore.



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