IN YOUR BAG: 1722 – Crystal Joy Merrick

I’ve been shooting film a long time, mostly in a document-your-life way. I also have an interest in old stuff/old places, and those things combined make up most of my photography practice today. I live in rural Pennsylvania, and I love exploring the towns and cities around me.

The Bag

My bag was given to me by a friend a long time ago. Sticking out of the bag is a beanbag I made—I use it instead of carrying a tripod all the time. Obviously that doesn’t work in every situation, but for what I do it works enough. I have a short cable release to use with it.

Usually I have two cameras with me: an SLR (my Nikon FG here was my first and is still my favorite) and one of my cameras from the 1950’s (right now it’s my Argus C3 rangefinder, a recent barn find). My go-to lens on the Nikon is my 50mm. Not having a structured camera bag, I recently got some Domke equipment wraps for my antique cameras, and I love them, they work great. The strap on the Nikon was a gift from my boss at a local photo studio (where I work a few hours a month as a graphic designer).

I shoot mostly black & white and I pretty much always have a yellow filter on my SLR, but I usually have my red filter with me too, just in case. I usually remember to carry extra film—most of what’s in the bag right now is hand-rolled from bulk by me, which is why the pots have tape labels.
I pretty much never actually use my hot shoe level, but I carry it around with me as a reminder to consciously level my shots because I am really bad at that. I have a little notebook and pen to write down my camera/lens/filter/film combinations and whatnot.
And some cash because who knows when you’ll find the perfect dive bar or taco truck that only takes cash! Last but not least, I often carry one or two beer can pinhole cameras, loaded with (usually expired multigrade) paper.

Keep shooting film, kids!
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