In your bag No: 570, Deka
Deka has a pretty cool bag for us all today. And he has a cool book too, that should be on the site in the future. This is totally a designers bag, you only have to look at the layout and you can tell. Check it out.

Hello everybody. Thank you Bellamy for sharing my bag shot here. I am a big fan reader of Japan Camera Hunter.

My name is Daniel Dian Kristanto or Deka in short. I come from Indonesia and residing in Milan for almost 5 years now.
I am a car design student. Despite my study, i have a huge passion about photography. My work mostly done on the street of italy. It is really nice to live in a country where people are welcome to be photographed. Milan is also a city where it is still very easy to find photography equipment. My bag today is what i usually bring to college everyday. It is a heavy bag. It consist of what i need as a designer and a photographer. Right now, I am doing a small project about dogs it will be a series of books. I am waiting the other copies to be done and will send one to Japan Camera Hunter. Hopefully could also be featured.

What’s inside:

North Face Backpack
Macbook Pro 17
Dogs of the 21st Century book
Wacom Intuos 4
Leica M6 + 28/2.8 Biogon
50/2.8 Elmar
Tmax 400
Neopan 400
Developed negatives ready to scan
Sekonic L208
Philips flash
Leica pin (a gift from a leica sales recently)
Persol shade
Black marker
Wacom stylus
Ipod classic
External HDD
Mighty mouse
Moleskine note
Name card
Usb cable
Ipod cable

Here is a link to my sites:



Thanks for sharing your bag with us Deka, a very cool setup. I would be happy to feature the book, that would be really cool. Please be sure to drop me a line about that.
Check out the links and make sure you come and comment.

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