In your bag number 177, Santiago del Águila
We have a cool bag from Spain today. A nice mix of classic film and modern digital. Come and see what Santiago keeps in his bag…

Hi to all of you camera addicts, I’m Santiago del Águila and I`m an arquitecture student in Madrid (Spain).
My camera bag is composed of my Canon 7D with the 50mm f-1.8 and 18-138mm kit lens, and this year I restored my great-grandfathers Contax IIIa, first rolls where a disaster, 2 decent photos out of a roll(shutter problems), but in the last one I got 33 good exposures (with my 7D metering, The meter isn’t working well), so the shutter is ok now, the lenses, 50mm f-1.5 sonnar and a 35mm f-2.8 Biogon, the accessories a managed to make usable again, a 35mm ex viewfinder, a (50,35,28,135mm)multi viewfinder and some filters(these were ok).
I shoot a bit of everything portraits, landscape… but ultimately as y hang out a lot in the streets due to my career I’m doing more street photography

sorry for my bad English i’m a bit untrained
here`s my flickr:
here is the album for my contax scans:

Thanks for sharing your bag with all of us Santiago, it is very nice to see someone happily using a classic Contax. They are beautiful cameras.
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