In your bag No: 1679 – Joël Christinet

Joël has many a focal length covered in his carryall, ready for any spontaneous moment. 

Hi, My name is Joël Christinet, 28 years old living in Switzerland. I also lived in Osaka, Japan for a year and met my wife there. We now live in my family’s house in Switzerland though. I am a Leica user since 2012 when I bought a M3 DS with its collapsible summicron which sadly suffers the dreaded rangefinder prism separation. My current daily drivers are the M4 and M4-2 bought a year after. The lenses came one by one with GAS, being a long-term member of a French analog photography forum and reading reviews here and there.

I started photography in middle school in the photography club, there was a real lab with enlargers and all the stuff. The teacher lent some basic K mount Cosinas, but I had the almighty Canon AE1 Program my father gave me (he gave up and bought a Pentax compact after shooting the whole summer holidays with no film in it). After this I did not continue and I got back to taking pictures at 18, still with the Canon. When looking back, I think I am of the last all-analog generation.

I do not consider myself a “serious photographer”. Just a guy who enjoys fine cameras at a fraction of the price new. I like street shots, landscapes with people in it, portraits, etc. I mostly take casual family shots or holiday stuff. So I apologise for the forgettable look of my flickr gallery.

This is my bag and most of the stuff I use.

  • The bag itself is a Tenba from the good’ole days, designed to hold five rolls of 35mm film under the lid. I can safely put one body with lens and one or two more lenses in it. It is small and easy to carry over. I also have a huge Billingham 550 when I want to carry all the stuff, plus clothes for small trips. The Billingham stays at the base camp and the Tenba goes around with a reduced amount of gear chosen accordingly to the day’s plans.
  • An M4 body. Repaired by Leica in 2013. It is pretty beaten up with lots of “polishing” around the strap lugs, plus the traditional Leica meter scars. The rear door’s vulcanite peeled off too. As it was quite ugly and uncomfortable, I glued a piece of denim from old pants on it. This gives a surprisingly good grip!
  • An M4-2 body. Repaired by a French repairman three years ago. Too bad it does not have a self timer… Both bodies’ straps were made by my sister from paracord. They get more and more comfortable with wear. I use Cura polished rings, which are maybe this setup’s most luxurious parts.
  • A set of the following lenses with their caps:
    • Summicron-M 50mm V5. This all-rounder was a bargain, 890 CHF, (which is 880 USD corrected for inflation) in a legit shop in Geneva. Repaired by Leica at the same time as the M4, when I dropped them on a tile floor. New lens hood and filter ring.
    • Zeiss C-Sonnar 50mm 1:1.5 with lens hood
    • Zeiss C-Biogon 35mm 1:2.8 with lens hood
    • Voigtländer Nokton 35mm 1:1.2 with lens hood
    • Voigtländer Snapshot Skopar 25mm 1:4 LTM with M adapter and viewfinder The brown lace pouches are from a Swiss military surplus.
    • Voigtländer Super Wide-Heliar 15mm 1:4.5 LTM with M adapter and viewfinder.
  • A Gossen Digisix light meter (in its normal condition, with a low battery indicator. I usually always have spare batteries for it.)
  • Films. Usually hand-rolled ORWO N74+ I process in Xtol or Fuji Colour stock (Industrial or a lot of C100 I keep in the freezer). I like to try weird films so I sometimes get oddball stocks (like Eterna RDS of old Fuji Super F500T). Not being into serious photography has its advantages as you are more tolerant to a messed up roll.
  • A microfibre towel.
  • A 100 yen shop business card holder with funny French writings on it. With two-sided business cards in French and (terrible) Japanese.
  • A Yashica SF-7 pocket tripod and an old Konica self locking cable release (much better than the screw type ones)
  • A big chalk “JASS” pencil. No, not for keeping scores on a blackboard, but as a film memo for the M4-2. I never got how the film memo on this camera works so I just write on the camera what’s inside. When you change film, just wipe it off with a wet towel and write again. Cheap trick that works on all matte black cameras.

My terrible Flickr gallery:


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