In your bag 865, Philippe Debeerst
Whoo, a couple of fantastic Hassy’s in this bag. Come and find out how Philippe uses this brilliant bag.

That’s the analogue photography kit I shot my latest book, OPUS 14-18 PHOTŒIL, with. The Linhof Technorama 617 isn’t on here because it’s in his own bag, carrying both in one bag is to heavy. I have more Hasselblad items but these are the most used:

Body 500C/M, Planar 80 mm, SWC/M Biogon 38 mm, 2 film holders, Pentax Digital Spot meter, filters for B&W film, Proxars, bubble level, TRI-X film of course, cable release and some other stuff. I always carry an empty film spool, I once dropped one while loading film in the heat of the fight and it got lost in the mud!

The Aluminum foil is to wrap the exposed film in, on location, conditions aren’t always that favorable…


Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Philippe. That is a nice chunk of Tri-X.
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