In your bag No: 1672 – Lam Nguyen

Lam shares the story behind his most beloved companion that accompanies him in his daily bag.

My name is Lam, currently, I live in Hanoi, Vietnam. I would like to send my gear’s picture. Actually, This is my story. About 5 or 6 years ago, when I was an undergraduate student, it was very struggling to own a camera because of price, a film camera was an alternative choice for me to pursue photography. At that time, I selected a Nikon FE which was very accurate and easy to handle. Day by day, I tried to study much about camera as well as its history and one day I saw a photographer who was using a Leica M6 camera in a local processing lab. It was very handsome and beautiful as much as I decided that I have to own one in the future.

Now, I archived my goal and my gears, in fact, are not so special to most people but to me, it is very very meaningful. The List of items is below:

  • Leica M4 with an official leather case (I ordered a hand-made case from a guy on the internet once, unfortunately, it is not so fitted well to my Leica. Finally, I decided that I only use official accessories from Leitz)
  • Summaron 35mm f3.5 with ITDOO hood (The lens is in mint condition, I bought it with very reasonable price from a leica group on facebook)
  • A sekonic light meter studio deluxe III (I am using it for photography  study for example zone systems…)
  • A 35mm film case
  • An ONA bowery bag- It is very well-made bag (I recommend for everyone to own one if they can afford – in my opinion, Leica should go with same ranked items)

At the present, I am quite busy for my hobby but I still try to enjoy it when I’m free. I wish I could travel around the world to capture a lot of pictures. I do hope my submission for “In your bag” channel can not only contribute to the film world but also to raise awareness that there still many people who are film lovers.

Bottom words, all of items can use without battery, I think it is one of many facts that film photography is exceptional than digital photography. Just imagine that when the world lost electricity so you can still take pictures

Best regards


Thanks for sharing with us your bag shot Lam. Classically handsome choice.

Keep them coming folks, we need more submissions, so get your bag on

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