In your bag No: 1607 – Nuno Cruz

Nuno manages to haul these minimalist multimedia machines to capture the beauty that is Croatia.

Hi there again Bellamy and fellow photo enthusiasts!

I am once again boarding a plane, which means JCH gets an email. I am flying to Croatia to enjoy good weather, food, nature and a music festival! To capture these varied aspects, I decided to take a camera for each job.

For hiking and exploring several old city centers, I am taking my Sony A7 with the zoom lens, for its versatility. To keep the camera in place while hiking, I choose the Peak Design Capture Pro, having become fed up of using a neck strap and have it dangling around all the time. For smaller nights out and for the festival itself, I am taking my recently acquired Contax T3, loaded with Portra 400 with 5 more rolls on the side. And finally the Gopro for  snorkeling and other water adventures, since I will be visiting Krka National Park, famous for its waterfalls, perhaps, to capture live footage of the festival or parts of the hikes too. 

I must say, that although I am caring 3 cameras in this trip, I will never carry more than 2 with me, I think 🤔. I recently tweeted that I am always skeptical when I see these kind of bag post with more than 2 cameras in them, but to my defense, the Gopro or the Contax are pretty compact, and the Contax case allows for belt carry. 

  • – Fjallraven G-1000 backpack 
  • – Sony A7II + Sony FE 24-70mm f/2.8 GM
  • – Contax T3 with Porta 400
  • – Japan Camera Hunter 5x 35mm film box with 5 Portra 400
  • – Gopro Hero 4 silver with hand grip and submersible case
  • – Gopro mounts for wrist, tripod and backpack
  • – Gopro open case
  • – Peakdesign Capture Pro
  • – A5 memo bottle 
  • – Manfrotto mini tripod
  • – Manfrotto phone tripod mount 
  • – Cleaning pen 
  • – External battery
  • – Alice in Quantumland book
  • – Traveler’s notebook
  • – Last but not least, my Kazoo

Since this isn’t a camera dedicated backpack, I am also taking the Contax case and the Peak Design small camera sleeve for the A7, to protect the cameras. 

That’s it for this time!




Thanks for sharing with us your bag shot, Nuno. Don’t think i’ve seen too many kazoos in anyone’s kit!

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