In your bag No: 1606 – Yannick Schütz

Yannick can confidently traverse Scandinavia with this ready-for-anything setup, check it out.

Hi guys,

I have planned a new tour and this time I am going to Finnmark with my GT Karakoram. Since I am not walking with my backpack this time, I can pack a little more.

So this time I have not only my Konica Hexar, but also a newly purchased Nikon f100, with two lenses.

Since I use my d610 anyway for some projects, I decided to use the f100 to use my Nikkors as well.

I have decided to take a 20mm 1.8G and my 60mm Micronikkor.

The 20mm has to prove itself, but the 60mm 2.8 is one of my most used lenses, as I discovered the macro photography last year, and you can also photograph portraits and landscapes with the lens.

Of course, the Hexar is also included, as I have not been able to find a comparable lens yet, and with the help of tri-x it has developed many stunning shots.

The bag itself is a little unspectacular and rather utilitarian. A waterproof Ortlieb bag that will hopefully keep its promise. The Hexar is housed in a waterproof bag by Simms.

The picture also shows a hat by Lock and Co and a knife by Grohmann Canada as well as a very old but good Gitzo tripod.

I will spend a few months in the Finnmark, Norway, Sweden and Finnland and post photos of landscapes there on my instagram, once i have somehow managed to develop and scan my images.

If you are interested you can check me out on instagram or follow my website.

Good to know that there are so many people out there who appreciate a good analogue image!

Best regards Yannick.



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