In your bag No: 1583 – Bastian Block

Bastian will be trekking through Morocco light on weight but heavy on quality with these lovelies he’s chosen.

My Name is Bastian Block and I am from Bochum, Germany. I work as a mechanical engineer for a small production company nearby.

I got into film photography after my grandpa passed away and my grandma gave me his old Pentax super ME. I took it out to a roadtrip through Sweden that I did with my girlfriend in 2014 and instantly fell in love with the process of shooting film, waiting for the roll to get developed and seeing the first results after quite some time.

Since then I got several different Cameras and tested out a bunch of different films and formats and started developing the negatives by myself.

In the shot you see my setup for our upcoming trip to Morocco. 

Since I want to travel “as light as possible” I  decided to stick to 35mm. First I considered to take only my Leica M6, a Zeiss Biogon 35mm 2.8 ZM and a Zeiss Panar 50mm 2.0 ZM with me, but 4 weeks ago I purchased a Hasselblad XPAN which will also follow me to the streets of Marrakech, Fes and the Atlas Mountainrange. 

When not traveling, I mostly shoot street, architecture and landscape which I exclusively use black & white film for (Ilford HP5 pushed to ISO1600). I also often use a yellow or red filter to bump up the contrast.

For the future I would love to get out there more often to shoot and build my own darkroom to print my own shots to complete the whole analog process and not having to scan all of the negatives anymore.





Thanks for sending us your bag shot and sharing some nice tips Max. Just to add, yeah on the T2 you can manually set the aperture high/low enough to prevent the camera from making a correct exposure which will put the camera into bulb mode. The blinking green light is the indication it’s in “B” mode.

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