In your bag No: 1582 – Fauzan Fuad

When Fauzan isn’t in his studio painting, he’s walking about getting inspired with his dream camera in tow.

I am Fauzan Fuad, 6 years full-time abstract artist (painter), born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and currently live in Malaysia.

I have been curious about photography when i was 15-16 years old but never can afford any and even to own camera at that time.

At the age of 22, I decide to quit my retail-shop job, trade my bicycle (my own transport to work) with my friend’s Nikon DSLR camera, and starts committing myself on photography. From then, I work as a freelance photographer from shoe brand-company to magazine and even a wedding photography. But i got bored on that photography direction of client needs and company demand for a little pay back price.

One day, on 2011 I decide to explore and learn more about arts, and i am lucky got me work for a Malaysian veteran artist as his assistant. A year and half later i working on my own artworks until present.

2015, I take film photography seriously and start shoot with my first favourite camera Olympus Mju i and I really love how this camera works. 35mm lens, very sharp images to me, simple, compact, and very light-weight to carry on anytime and anywhere i go.

I start learn, explore, experiment and develop my own b&w and c-41 film since then. I am very much love the process. This process really change me a lot in personal. I learn more about self discipline, determination, patience, embrace & appreciation.  I am improve more day by day I can say and I become more conscious of the present moment that i living in before I decide click the shutter.

And so on 2017, i got my very first most favourite camera of my one year of dreaming on, Ricoh Gr1s. Only this time I can afford this beauty for half price of market price from Ebay. This particular camera is one of the premium point and shoot camera and the price is become more crazy expensive due to rare found in working condition. This camera treat me so well with wide 28mm 2.8 sharp lens, exposure compensation control, aperture control and the zone focusing including the most practical SNAP mode.

Since I love to make a photograph close with my subject, got this 35mm 3.5 lens & 28mm 2.8 lens on me every day for my daily photo-walk time is too much perfect to me!

Now i am currently work on my very first self-publish photo-book and hopefully it will be done very soon.

In the image that I shot with my Ricoh GR II (digital) :

Ricoh Gr1s with gaffer-taped on, Olympus mju 1, two rolls of Kodak Color film,

Moleskine note book with my own leather-works cover, cheap lenspen, ballpoint pen, and lastly my cotton local made wallet. All of this item arranged in this Eastpak waist-pouch where I always wear while one of those camera on my wrist.

Cheers and have a great one!

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