In your bag 1023, Fabio Schmidt
From a totally black and white bag, to a very colourful bag. Fabio shares with us this lovely bright bag from Brazil. Check it out.

Hello Japan Camera Hunter!!!

Here is my bag:

My name is Fabricio Schmidt, was born and raised in Germany and live in Brazil since 2007. I am a photographer and visual artist and participated in events, group and solo exhibitions in Brazil and Europe.

My main focus is the use and processing of photos in montages, collages and installations, but also alternative printing processes.
One of these alternative printing processes, which I use, is the technique of palimpsest,
where I print photos on used paper like old money (without value), maps, graph paper, letters and pages of books.

My bag and the content are very simple, low cost and old school. It’s not the hipster stuff, but worked really good.

I love to shoot film, especially with my favorite camera the Praktica LTL3, which is really my workhorse and survived longer than my Leica R4. I tried a lot of lenses, but I prefer the Helios 44M-4 and the Revuenon Special 2.8/135mm lenses, because of their simplicity and performance. I use this set up to shoot persons in urban locations and in the landscape. It’s very light and therefore I’m very agile at photographing.

The stuff:

_ Lali Camera Bag by FABRIC.X

_ Praktica LTL3 in the “Sun Fire Style” by FABRIC.X

_ Helios 44M-4 2/58mm

_ Revuenon Special 2.8/135mm

_ three expired Kodak Ultramax 400 films

_ a little “camera” bag by Com Lola (with paper and business cards inside)

_ Rotring Visupoint F pen

My blog:
My Facebook fanpage:

Fabricio Schmidt
Photo Artist / Artista da Fotografia / Fotokünstler

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Fabio. Not often we see a Praktica on here.
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