In your bag No: 1526 – Jivko Stoyanov

Today Jivko from Bulgaria tells us about his bag-of-all-trades. That Zenit strap is dope!

I am a 23-year old photographer from Bulgaria, based in the Netherlands.

In my bag you can find a lot of love for mechanical and analogue stuff.

I tend to use the Hasselblad 500C/M and a Zeiss CF80mm/f2.8 for most of my work. Portraiture, landscapes and sometimes even street. Since the blad has no light meter I also carry a Sekonic L308B. When I feel like the Hassy is too much of a hassle or will scare my subjects I use the Nikon FM(with a Zenit strap, just to confuse people)and a Nikon Series E 35mm/f2.5 – a great lens. Very compact, easy to use and relatively cheap.  (Dreaming of getting a Leica M and a Summicron one day!)  

I usually take a roll of B/W film (usually expired) but from time to time I need some colour in my life. I also carry a small notebook, pen, swiss army knife and my sunglasses when the weather is good. If I’m taking a train or a bus, a small book gets in the bag too. The bag itself is a no name(which is great) messenger bag that I bought 2-3 years ago in the UK for about 30 quid(40 with the padding).  I use it for everything all the time. When I don’t carry any camera gear, I remove the padding and even do the groceries with it. Last week I used it as a changing bag, to load my film into the tank for development, so it’s versatile.

You can find my work on Instagram – @jivkost

I shoot only for my own pleasure at the moment. Mainly portraiture and landscapes, but very recently I fell in love with street photography and the magical decisive moment.



Thanks for sharing your gear with us, Jivko.  I do the same with messenger bag, swapping out padded inserts for snacks and booze!

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