In your bag number 49, Jamie Joohander
The last day before Christmas and we have another cool bag for you. This time it is from Jamie in Singapore. A cool set up that I will let Jamie tell you all about:

I’ve been rather busy for the past 4 months with uni, and haven’t had much chance to go out for a walk, so I took the chance yesterday morning before going out for a walkabout to take an “in your bag”. I hope it doesn’t disappoint :)

First up is the bag itself, it’s a Heritage Series Jansport bag. Not exactly a “camera bag”, but I really prefer a comfy backpack when shooting. To protect my stuff inside, I’ve fit it with my Domke camera inserts.

The two cameras I’m using today are my Mamiya C220 with a “blue dot” Sekor 80/2.8 and waist-level finder and my trusty M4 and Summicron DR 50/2. I always carry my close-up goggles (forgot to take it out for the photo) for when I want to do close-up portraits, or at least when I can take the effort to do so at least!

Next, below my M4, is a cheap pair of faux wooden shades which are absolutely essential on the sunny island of Singapore.

Mother Mary protects an essential for when I’m boozing post-shooting, my fags.

My leather card case is something I handmade just awhile ago and I’m really loving it so much that it’s replaced my normal wallet, hopefully I can make something for my camera(s) one day.

The Porter Black Beauty case is empty for now, but usually contains my Ricoh GRD3. I carry this around with me at all times, even when not out to get a photo. I got this case after carrying the GRD3 around naked in my bags for over a year – it’s in pretty bad condition now and I’ve yet to fix it, but I’m hoping that the case will provide some protection in the future.

A small towel is another adaptation for our hot weather, and this one was “borrowed” from Jamie’s Italian restaurant in Bath, UK. Worst pasta I’ve had in my life, by the way. On top of the towel is my Motorola Droid Razr (which is usually in my pocket, but oh well) and my iPod Touch both of which I use for various things.

One last thing I usually carry around is my Army issued SOG multi-tool, you never know when you’ll need to gut a fish or saw a branch off somewhere haha.

My Nixon The Re-Run occupies a space that was left discomfortingly empty :)

Apart from that, I also brought out a bunch of film today in both 120 and 35mm formats, but nothing very special there, yet :)

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Thanks! :)


Great Stuff Jamie, I really like the tin for your smokes as well. Nice touch. Thanks for sharing with us, hope you have a happy Christmas.

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