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Mijonju put up a cool video of us all, so if you can stomach me looking like an arse, then this video is great for you. It was really good to see all of my friends in the same place, I hope it can happen again soon.
That is how we roll down here in Tokyo! Anyway, I just thought I would fill you all in on what Japancamerahunter gets up to when he isn’t striving hard to find you the best cameras. Actually, I get up to NOTHING, because all I do is spend my time trying to find the best cameras and gear for you all.

And I found this the other day when I was out and about with Tokyocamerastyle (easily one of the nicest guys you will ever meet). It seems that Godzilla got a bit of camera envy and felt the need to rob poor old Tokyocamerastyle of his MP. But don’t worry, we got it bad when we threatened to call in Moth-ra…or something:)
But, when I am not getting beaten half to death by fictional monsters, getting drunk and making a prat of myself or walking around looking like a tourist I do actually find some cameras. And I really do find some beauties for my customers. I was always told that ‘customer is king’, and as a consequence I feel like I need to find the very best for you all. Like this…

Cool huh? But it is not just cameras, it is basically anything camera related. For example, I was out shopping today. I managed to get my hands on a couple of rare Nikon lenses that I have been for for quite some time. One of them turned up in MAP camera just by sheer chance and I got it. And you know what the cool thing is? I was given a chocolate….

and it was the highlight of my buying experience. Because for me it is those little touches, the bag, the service and the little Xmas chocolate to say thanks.
This is Japan and I am Japancamerahunter, I love what I do and I love doing it for you.
Tell me what you think, what you want and what you hate. But tell me something. Your comments mean a lot to me, so don’t be afraid to make them.

4 comments on “A whole load of stuff”

    Jerome December 24, 2011 at 12:20 am / Reply

    Like: the aesthetics of your photographs, your love for film and your passion for cameras
    Dislike: I find your pages a bit heavy and the site is generally slow to load. I took a quick look behind the scenes, a few simple tweaks can go a long way.
    Dislike: Why don’t you answer comments and emails ? I know you’re busy, but it just looks rude

      Bellamy December 24, 2011 at 7:58 am /

      Thanks Jerome.
      Please tell me what these teaks are, I have no idea as I am not net savvy.
      Sorry if you think I have been ignoring you, I get a huge amount of email and it take a while to go through it all. In my defence I have been sick, but I am planning on replying to everything.

    David K.K. Hansen December 25, 2011 at 3:43 pm / Reply

    Haven’t met you yet, but me thinks you seem like a nice dude! Seems like you enjoy your job!! Love visiting your blog, keep up the great work!

    A suggestion: Make a section of your website for your “In your bag” updates, so it’s easier to look back into the archives.


      Bellamy December 25, 2011 at 9:22 pm /

      Thanks for the suggestion. Going to look at getting that done asap.

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