Film News: New Washi Film Released

With cult status reached after bringing the niche “W” film to 35mm a year ago, Lomig Perrotin of Washi Film has not rested one bit and brings us a new hand-crafted film sequentially dubbed “V”.

In case you hadn’t heard of them, their Japanesey take on standard film emulsions caused a bit of a stir a few years ago when initially released. Instead of putting the silver halide particles on top of a thin layer of plastic like standard film, the self-proclaimed “world’s smallest film company” hand-coats strips of traditional Japanese paper, known as washi.

Although there are small differences in processing, the Washi film can be used exactly like normal film and processed in a standard darkroom. Unlike traditional film, Film Washi’s can be developed in the same chemicals used to develop a print and can also be exposed to a red “safe light” throughout the process.

This Saturday, Nov. 11 2017, he’ll be speaking at the coming Paris Salon de la Photo (the biggest photo fair in France), to present the new hand-coated film “V”.

Per his words, the new film is quite special in many ways :

• It is hand-coated with a real 100 iso panchro emulsion, so you have much more latitude exposure and it is easier to shoot.

• The base is a very nice Gampi paper provided by well known Awagami Factory from Japan.

• The negatives are much more transparent compared to film “W” and gives more readable pictures, especially in 35mm.

• This film comes with a special system to process it in Paterson or Jobo tank (a remake of good old separating stripe processing system)

Here is the link to the technical data sheet :

If you fancy a new look or just in the experimenting mood, consider heading on over to Washi Film’s website and pick yourself up a roll.