Get Featured: James Moreton
A lovely feature today. James shared the first part of this series a couple of years back, and now he comes back to us with the next chapter of his work. Check it out.
The Work
You featured the first chapter in this series back in 2015: This is the second chapter it my family documentary series; my family album. I have been interested in the concepts of family and fatherhood long before I became infatuated with photography. I suffered a strange and turbulent childhood – my father was disinterested in me from the beginning and I haven’t seen or heard from him in 25 years. This has had a profound effect and driven a deep determination to have a successful and happy family of my own. See the full series here:

About Me:
I use analogue photography as a way to satisfy a creative urge. For me photography is a very personal form of self-expression and an interesting way to jog the memory. I create stories and react to my environment through photography, usually posting the results on my website, on Instagram and by making zines. I am also a member of Allft – a collective of like-minded photographers dedicated to the art of analog photography.
Thanks Bellamy!

Thanks for coming back to us James. It is really nice to see how this project has developed over the years.
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