In your bag No: 1501 – Dominik Woerner

I have been traveling quite a bit lately, so it is nice to finally get back in the saddle and look at some of the submissions.  And for the next 1500 we have some lovely bags for you all. Better get started then…

My name is Dominik Woerner. I’m a photographer from southern Germany. I’m shooting as a full-time job for 6 years now. For portrait work in studio we mostly shoot with Nikon DSLRs. For my private, free projects, travel pictures and everyday shooting I mostly use the stuff which is also in my every day carry bag, shown in the picture.

As a bag I use a messenger bag from Freitag. I bought myself a camera-bag-inlay to organize and protect the gear.
I like to shoot both analog and digital. Using the Sony a7, I’m able to apply the same Canon FD-lenses which I also use on my main analog body, the Canon AE-1. To mount the Canon FD-Lenses on the Sony body I use an adapter made by quenoX. This three prime lenses are sufficient for most of my shooting: the Canon FD 28mm f/2,8, Canon FD 50mm f/1,8 and Canon 135mm f/2,8. To be faster with focusing and setting the aperture I bought the Sony FE 28mm f/2 for the Sony. Thats the focal length I shoot the most images with.

To save images I use fast SanDisk 32GB SD-Cards, which I store in the ThinkTank Pixel Pocket Rocket-bag. To transfer images to the computer I’ve got the Lexar SD&CF-Card reader. A backup of the pictures goes to the extra rugged Corsair Survivor 32GB USB-Drive or the undestroyable Silicon Power Armor A80 1TB hard drive. Analog pictures are „stored“ on film. Currently I’m trying CineStill film – a tungsten balanced 800ASA-film.

The 10000 mAh-battery pack from Aukey charges my Sony a7, but also my iPhone. The ideas I don’t store on the phone are written in a little notebook. Therefor I’m using the Fisher Spacepen, which is really small so you can have it in your bag all the time.
The powerful LED Lenser-flashlight is not only really handy to see when it’s dark outside – it’s also a good light source for nighttime shooting. Another lighting gadget I carry most of the time is the small 12 inch reflector by Lastolite. It is really nice to control light during a spontaneous shooting or just for a little Instagram-picture ( @dominikwoerner ).

For long exposure images and video/time-lapse I’m using the SIRUI N2004KX tripod with the SIRUI TY50X ball-head. It is really sturdy and much cheaper than the comparable Manfrotto-tripod. The ball-head has a ARCAswiss compatible mounting plate, which you can screw under your camera. You also could – like I did – buy a mounting plate especially made for your camera. It fits nicely under the camera and isn’t disturbing, while using or putting it on a plane surface.

Last but not least: Keys (organized with Keybiner) and something to drink ;)

Instagram: @dominikwoerner
Greetings from Germany.

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Dominik. A very tidy setup you have there.
Keep them coming folks, we need more submissions, so get your bag on
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