In your bag No: 531, Tan Jyh Hern
What is so special about this bag you might ask? Well, Tan is only 14 years old, but look at that kit. I would have broken my brothers arm to get a Nikon F2 when I was 14, but they were still ludicrously expensive. I remember looking at a brand new F5 when I was 17 and realizing that it was more expensive than the car I was driving. How times have changed.

I’m Tan Jyh Hern, I’m 14 and I come from Singapore. Been shooting for about one and a half years now, starting with my Nikon D5100. Time flies, and I now find myself in the possession of 5 cameras, of which I use only three regularly. I do bird photography, a bit of street and landscape. Also, I have “too many cameras than you actually need”, at a current count of 5, soon to be 6 (Leica M2 coming soon).

Moving on to the bag

The bag is a Lowepro Adventura 170. After some heavy usage by me, the rear of the bag has now molded to fit the shape of my bum!

My Nikon F2, which I bought second-hand (probably), is with a Nippon Kogaku Nikkor-H Auto 1:3.5 28mm, although the 50mm is usually on it.

The other one is the Nikkormat FT with the Nikkor-H Auto 1:2 50mm lens. Someone dropped this camera before, hard, as its upper left corner now bears proudly a massive dent. As a likely result of this, the whole metering is not working, from the one in the viewfinder to the one on the top of the camera. Adds character, I’d say! The lens is also really sharp, and is also the only lens in my arsenal that I can properly use with the fussy microprism screen in the Nikkormat which I can only use with relatively fast lenses.

Along in the shot are my handy blower and microfiber cloth, ready whenever my clumsy fingers leave fingerprints all over the lens. A roll of Kodak Ultramax 400 is also in there, more for longer trips. Not in this photo are my Praktica BC1 for times when I want automation to take over and allow me a bit more brain space for composition and my circular polarizer from Hoya. Also not present is the Nikon D5100, which is taking the photo.

My Portfolio:

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Tan. Such a great setup for one so young. I really hope you get the most out of it and learn a lot.
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